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По умолчанию The Charter of SAA

1. Basic Provisions

1.1 Sakhalin Airsoft Association (hereinafter SAA) is a non-profit, independent community of airsoft teams, united by a common idea and sharing each other's views on the airsoft game as a whole.

1.2 The main protagonist of SAA is a team, which is responsible for its members, recruiting etc. To improve command responsibility, in exceptional cases (for the collapse of discipline, for example) team can be temporarily removed from Games (trainings) for a certain period. If measure proved is ineffective, as universal suffrage, the offending team should be excluded from SAA.

1.3 General management of SAA provided by a Сouncil, which consists of team leaders. Member of the SAA Сouncil can be commanders of teams and their deputies, commanders of structural units in teams (if any) and SAA veterans. Composition of the Сouncil is not permanent and varies depending on the activity of its members.

1.4 Any member of the SAA Сouncil entitled to make public comments to any player or team who agreed to play by the rules of the Association in the case of observed apparent violations of these rules.
Individual notes are taken out by a player of a team, are distributed as notes to the whole team. Such comments shall be made no more than three per team, then see 1.2.

1.5 member of SAA is a full-fledged player from either team of SAA. It should be a player who past the probationary period established by the team and initiated as a complete unit.

2. Functions of SAA

2.1 The main function of the SAA Council is organizing and conducting trainings and inter-team Games involving all interested members of SAA initiative.

2.2 Other functions of the SAA Council:
definition of organizer / coordinator of the Game;
to control Game (training) conducted by SAA members;
in case of need - funding Games by gathering funds by contributions from other teams, declaring their participation in the game;
organization of technical inter-team activities: preparation and repair of playgrounds, garbage collection, etc .;
resolution of any disputes;
analysis of conducted Games (training);
disciplinary actions.
2.3 In the off-season SAA Council prepares and negotiates Calendar of Games of the upcoming season with the other organizers.

3. Requirements for teams and participants

3.1 Any person who has attained 18 years of age regardless of gender, social status, nationality, citizenship has the opportunity to participate in Games and trainings organized by SAA. To do this he must first declare his desire to members of the SAA Council. To participate in the training sessions (Games) is minimally necessary to have a uniform and weapon model, which is the relevant requirements of the airsoft game.
Persons under 18 years are allowed to participate in the activities of SAA with written parental consent, under the sole responsibility of a member of the SAA Council.

3.2 It is forbidden to take part in the Game (training) of alcohol or drugs. Players found in violation of this rule, barred from participation in the game; seen twice should be suspended from the Game (training) for an indefinite period of time (by decision of Council). Player seen used narcotic or psychotropic substances, suspended from all communication with SAA!

3.3 The time interval used by SAA teams for simulation (modeling), re-enaction and simple orientation is from the beginning of the 1960s to the current period. This point must be considered for teams wishing to join SAA. At Games held by SAA the team focused on the time of the earlier as well as later, ie to a hypothetical distant and the near future are not welcome.

3.4 Any airsoft team of Sakhalin can join SAA. Number of players in the team must be at least five. Experience of the team in airsoft must be at least one season. The only exception is for teams, created by the initiative of SAA or with the direct support of the Association, at the end of the playing season these teams are automatically join SAA.
To join SAA the team must apply this intention, for some time the application will be considered and held the reception or rejection will be presented. Priority right to join has teams that re-enact or simulate(model) the exact divisions of power structures of any existing country of the World.

3.5 Team wishing to join the SAA is compulsorily or re-enact, model or focus on the military unit of existing armies of the World or fictional country (within reason).
That is, in outward appearances and inner content it should remind division of power structures, have a rigid discipline and abide by the principle of unity of command.

3.6 Orientation in the simulation (modeling) of illegal armed formations is unacceptable. These include various partisan, mercenary, extremist, terrorist units and connections, etc.
Such teams are not welcome at the Games held by SAA.
Players can use the appearance of such groups only in cases determined by the Game scenario.

3.7 Players who are not part of the team in a general manner not permitted at the Games held by SAA.
a. Otherwise is provided in the Game scenario.
b. Single player can be invited to participate in the Game by commander of any team in its composition, as commander must notify the organizers of the Game as at least one day in advance. In this case, person should be provided with an external similarity with the other members of the team.

Single player who has applied and been admitted to participate in the Game held by SAA, on the game joins a team and must fully comply with its commander, assumes the same responsibilities as the permanent members of the team.
Team leaders are completely responsible for their recruits.

People who did not participate in any training conducted by SAA are not allowed to participate in the Game organized by the SAA.

3.8 Single players who are not in the other airsoft teams are free to attend SAA trainings, they will need to have a set of camouflage uniforms (see. P.3.10), goggles and an airsoft gun.

3.9 Other team who is not a part of the SAA may participate in Games and SAA trainings but after a preliminary agreement with the Council. In this case, the team invited / registered by SAA on the Game (training), must comply with all rules and requirements for members of the SAA. Single representatives of these teams are not allowed to the Game (training), only as a part of the team.

3.10 Single player who is not a member of the team is prohibited wearing camouflaged uniforms used by SAA teams at the Game and training conducted by SAA.
Also it is not recommended to members of other teams, who are not simulating (modeling) or re-enacting of similar units, to use of the clothes similar to pattern colors of uniforms adopted in other teams.

3.11 SAA teams are forbidden to use camouflage of "hunting" design.

3.12 SAA Badge (round, protective green with a picture of the SAA logo - Sakhalin Island in the background of the meridians and the inscription Sakhalin Airsoft) is an honorary insignia of a fighter awarded by the SAA Council on the proposal of its members (players, currently having badges, equal to veterans motion).
Free players as well as players and teams who are not members of the SAA, prohibited the wearing of badges of the Association, except of rewarding. It is also unacceptable to use other patches with the image of the SAA logo at airsoft events held on the territory of the Sakhalin region and beyond, as a symbol of a united team of Sakhalin as well as in other cases.

4. Other points

4.1 Any actions that may undermine the authority of the Association and airsoft in general for any players, who consist in SAA, are prohibited. For example, the appearance in public places in no way connected with the game of airsoft using game uniforms, equipment, models of weapons;

4.2 In public places, where the non-player fees SAA is prohibited to behave improperly, you must comply with the general rules of human behavior.
Remember: society can judge about the whole Association, as well as whole Airsoft community by one careless member of the SAA.

4.3 Do not advance in the SAA of any political, religious movements, imposing of opinion, the involvement of other players to illegal activities, etc. Airsoft in version of SAA is just activity in the circle of friends, contributing to general positive.

4.4 Vulgar jokes and comments that could give offense, in respect of the players, are prohibited.

4.5 Violation of the above recommendations, more than three times entails exclusion from the SAA, until prohibition to attend events held by SAA.

4.6 The Council may at any time modify any part of the Charter with notifying of the changes to other members of the Association.


At present, the SAA includes the following teams:
- "Burya-2M" (rus. Storm-2M) - simulates the platoon of 55th Mozyr Marine Division of Pacific Fleet of the USSR (1989-1990);
- Black Stork Expedition Section - airsoft team oriented as a platoon of marines of fictitious state Polineiro - honorary membership without voting rights (temporarily);
- Pathfinders - the team simulates the British unit - the 3rd Parachute Battalion (3 PARA) 16th Air Assault Brigade, period 2010-2013.
- MSK Bundesmarine - simulates the infantry special purpose Marineschutzkräfte, members of the 1st Flotilla Navy of Germany (Bundesmarine) from 2005 to the present day.
- Granitsa (rus. Border) - focuses on contemporary Russian FSB border guards.
- SK "Kaskad" (rus. Airsoft Team "Cascade") - a joint team of the Association, simulates the MVD Spetsnaz, includes SAA instructors.

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